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Located in Newmarket serving Newmarket and surrounding areas.

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Over 25 years in town, and nearly 1000 jobs in New Market

Specializes in Residential Interior Painting in New Market and Area


Newmarket Painting Ltd. is comprised of a professional team of painters offering experienced services to both business and residential clients in the Newmarket region. We are your one stop shop for making the most functional and impressive upgrades to either the interior or exterior of your property

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The Newmarket Painting Ltd. Difference

With so many painting companies to choose from in Newmarket, Newmarket Painting Ltd. stands out from the rest by consistently completing projects in an efficient manner at fair rates. We use only top quality products and qualified painting crews experienced with helping clients make the most informed decorating and painting decisions. With a team of well-trained and experienced painters, we understand what home and business owners expect from a painting company and we are at the ready to deliver.

Residential painting services include thorough sanding of all surfaces to create a perfect base before painting. Let our service crew do all the heavy lifting and carefully move your furniture, remove and replace switch plates and fixtures, as well as protect your flooring and belongings with drop cloths as part of a complete prep plan. Choose from a variety of high quality paints, with low VOC for minimum odor. Count on a full clean up when your painting project is complete and a full walkthrough to address any concerns.

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